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The Benefits Of Weight Training For Women

Strength training for women offers numerous benefits such as increased bone density, improved heart health and a higher metabolism.  Starting Strength, one of the most popular strength programs, is based on compound lifts  including the squat, deadlift and bench press.  Other exercise plans that are more bodybuilding

Best Lifting Gloves For Women

Are you searching for the best lifting gloves for women? Lifting gloves can protect your hands from calluses when lifting.  Let’s take a look at the best lifting gloves for women. Things to consider when purchasing lifting gloves ease of cleaning (Can you throw it in the

Best Pre Workout For Women

Looking for the best pre-workout for women? A pre-workout is generally taken prior to a workout and works to enhance your energy levels. Some individuals may find that they are able to go “harder” and get that extra rep with a pre-workout. Pre workout can give you

Best Protein Powder For Women

Looking for the best protein powder, whey protein or protein shakes for women?  Adequate protein consumption is vital as part of a healthy lifestyle and as part of any fitness or strength training program for women.  Take a look below at our highly recommended protein powders for

Strong Curves Review

If you are looking to build a bigger and firmer booty then you can’t do wrong with  from Bret Contreras.  The book program focused on developing the entire lower body including the hamstrings, quads and glutes in particular. The program is focused on aesthetics and developing a

Best Strength & Weight Training Program For Women, 2015

My winner for the best strength training program for women is Starting Strength. The book is authored by Mark Rippetoe, a strength coach with decades of experience in strength and conditioning. The reason why I like it so much is due to the simplicity and overall effectiveness

Starting Strength For Women

Starting Strength For Women – Review Starting Strength is one of the most popular lifting programs online and one of the most popular fitness book. It is also the #1 best seller on Amazon in the Weight Training category. The second edition sold a total of 80,000