Best Lifting Gloves For Women

Are you searching for the best lifting gloves for women? Lifting gloves can protect your hands from calluses when lifting.  Let’s take a look at the best lifting gloves for women. Things to consider when purchasing lifting gloves ease of cleaning (Can you throw it in the wash?), ventilation (in order to keep hands cool and moisture-free) and closure (is the design slip-on and off? Is there a velcro closure? How easy is it to put on and take off?). Here’s the run down of some of the best-selling lifting gloves for women.

Harbinger 149 Women’s Pro Wash & Dry Weight Lifting Gloves

What makes this glove unique is the fact that it’s made out of leather that is machine washable and dryable for convenience.  Abrasion resistant leather is in place for extra longevity. Mesh in incorporated in order to let your hands remain cool. The slip-on design features a velcro design making it easy to take on and off. Three different colors are available including black/pink, black/periwink and gray.

Harbinger 149 Women’s Pro Wash & Dry Weight Lifting Gloves

Meister Women’s Fit Grip Lifting Gloves W/Washable Leather

These gloves feature a no-slip grip and synthetic padding around the palm area. It’s ventilated and fully breathable allowing hands to remain sweat free. It’s also 100% washable for convenience.  Pull tabs are in place in order to make it easy to take these gloves off and on. Some users have mentioned a chemical smell when initially opening the product which goes away with repeated use.

Meister Women’s Lifting Gloves

MAVA  Sports Cross Training Gloves

These lifting gloves for women are on the pricier side among the other gloves we’ve looked but it also comes with more features including integrated wrist wraps which work to give you additional wrist support during lifts. Extra palm padding is in place for comfort and in order to prevent calluses. The unique palm design gives you a better grip no matter what exercise you are doing. Velcro straps are making it easy to take on and off and anti-sweat neoprene keeps your hands cool and dry.

Grip Mava Sports Gloves

What To Look For In Lifting Gloves For Women 

Cleaning Options

A glove that you can toss in the washer and dryer for cleaning will offer the most convenience in terms of cleaning.


Hands can get clammy and wet when confined in tight gloves. Look for a glove that offers ventilation in order to let your skin breathe and avoid your hands from getting clammy and wet.

Are Lifting Gloves  For Women Necessary?

Not by any means. Personally I don’t use them currently but have tried them out when I first started lifting and now I take pride in my calluses. I also find it easier to grip the bar without gloves. I highly suggest trying out using chalk  in order to increase grip strength for lifts like deadlifts. I use a chalk ball stored in a tupperware container and discreetly chalk up between sets (I put the bag in my lap and chalk my hands inside the bag). However, it understandable why some women prefer to use lifting gloves.