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If you are looking to build a bigger and firmer booty then you can’t do wrong with Strong Curves from Bret Contreras.  The book program focused on developing the entire lower body including the hamstrings, quads and glutes in particular. The program is focused on aesthetics and developing a round, perkier butt.  Numerous lower body exercises are included such as squats, deadlifts, romanian deadlifts, glute bridges and of course the infamous hip thrust.

One of Bret Contreras signature moves for building the glutes is the hip thrust. EMG testing show that hip thrusts are more effective at stimulating the glute muscles than squats or deadlifts. Squatting does not necessarily always mean a bigger booty, especially if your glutes aren’t activated during the lift. Bret’s book covers offers numerous “glute activation” exercises that you can use in order to make sure those muscles are truly “firing” during the workout. Some women may find their quads developing more than their glutes with squats. The hip thrust takes the tension off the quads and really isolates the glutes.

Here is a video of Bret demonstrating the hip thrust.

Can I Get A Bigger Butt With These Exercises?

Definitely. The glutes are the biggest muscle in the body and like any other muscle they can grow using Bret’s plan which prescribes a large number of exercises designed to place the glutes under stress and tension = growth.

Keep in mind that getting bigger firmer glutes means building muscle which means you have to eat in a caloric surplus with adequate protein in order to see results. If you are eating in a caloric deficit you won’t build muscle no matter how many hip thrusts you perform. Strong Curves  covers nutrition in detail. The book is very well-rounded and covers numerous aspects including workout routine, warm ups, glute activation and nutrition.


Strong Curves is a program that will work and improve your glutes. Your booty will become bigger, firmer rounder and build curves. You may feel more confident and proud of your strong curves.

If you want to get a nice booty then I would HIGHLY recommend the Strong Curves program because I know that it works.  Bret Contreras is bar none the glute expert in the fitness industry and his knowledge speaks for itself.

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